Search Engine Optimisation

The search engines are constantly changing and this year is no different, Web2Works Website and Search Engine Optimisation company situated in Doncaster.

Here are some useful tips for 2011 which you should explore and work on to stay ahead of the SEO game.

  1. Local Search
    Google has updated the local search with their Google Places business listing directory gaining more importance on local searches to find local businesses. Make sure you optimise your Google Local Listing by adding a comprehensive listing including videos and pictures and ensuring there are reviews of your business on third party sites like and
  2. Social Media SEO
    Social Media has been confirmed as an important aspect of SEO. Network with the right crowd to get the best return from Social Media. However ensure that your business has a focused social media strategy which will work for your industry.
  3. Mobile SEO
    As a larger number of people in the world acquire smart phones and as mobile broadband continues to grow, it is imperative that every reputable business should have a website designed specifically for use on mobile phones. A mobile website helps with visitor usability, which should lead to better conversion and help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  4. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
    Getting to the top of the search engine rankings is no longer enough – you need to analyse and test your website to make the most of your website. Find out whether or not you are making the most of your visitors and converting them to sales.  Use Google Website Optimizer for A/B testing to test two different version of a landing page. This will be beneficial for established or new websites and supporting services like Clickheat can help with further optimising your website for usability.

Here are some other useful tips for SEO, majority of the tips can be updated and improved via a CMS

  1. Create Quality Content
    This is the most important one; make sure you have good, original content that people will want to read.
  2. Create a Lot of Content
    The more pages, the better. This can easily be achieved by creating your own pages with lots of content.
  3. Keep Content Fresh
    Keep updating the site regularly.
  4. Remove Duplicates
    Do not create pages with the same, or almost same, content. The CMS will ensure that no two pages have the same name or URL
  5. Versatile, Precise Wording
    Alternate the wording for repeated phrases if you like to target them in web searches.
  6. Focus on Important Keywords
    Imagine your audience and what keywords they might enter in a search, and use those words.
  7. Create Valid HTML
    Each HTML version can be validate, obviously Web2Works only develops to the highest strict standards.

    You can validate your website for free here:
    W3C Validator
    Link Checker
  8. Create Structured HTML
    Use headings and other phrase mark-up (h1, h2, em, strong). These are HTML code that wraps around each different sections of text, each element represents importance of the page, allowing search engines to easily find the correct content.
  9. Provide text-alternatives
    When including images, especially those containing text, provide a text-alternative via the "alt"-attribute.
  10. Use Meaningful Meta-Data
    Every page should have a unique title. You might also want to add meta-keywords and a meta-description. Although this was abused in the early days of the Internet and most modern Search Engines will ignore them completley. Although if you have the time I would recommend entering as much content as possible to the page. One day the Google of the future may change their ways to reading the meta data.
  11. Get a Reliable, Robust, Fast Server
    Get your website on a proper server shared with a few websites not thousands with the cheap hosts.
  12. Create Meaningful File-names
    Don't abbreviate file and folder names, but instead use the full keywords which are important for that page.
  13. Add Your URL to Search Engines
    Use services like following:
    Google's Add URL
  14. Communicate Your Site to Others
    Write to other people who you think might be interested and tell them about your site (but do not rely on spamming newsgroups).
  15. Test Your Ranking and Fine-tune
    Check how Google reacts now that you've done the changes.

Other website services:

  • Website Design

    We specialise in creating bespoke, visually stimulating website designs for the front-end that engage your customers and make your competitors jealous. Web2Works are a UK company based in Doncaster. We incorporate sound design principles that focus on ease of navigation, website usability guidelines, and smart, clean content layout.

  • Standard compliant website development - W3C

    Why do we need web standards? As an example, you need to buy a light bulb. Imagine if every manufacturer in the world made their light bulbs to their own desired sizes and fittings. It would be a nightmere buying the right light bulb that fits your particular lamp socket.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    The search engines are constantly changing and this year is no different, Web2Works Website and Search Engine Optimisation company situated in Doncaster. Here are some useful tips for 2011 which you should explore and work on to stay ahead of the SEO game.

  • Mobile Websites

    The statistics are staggering, one fifth of the world's population have access to a mobile device and the Internet. With that many potential users out there, an explosion of mobile applications is not only inevitable, but also necessary.

  • Hosting

    We offer fast reliable all round packages that includes everything you will need to host your website on the Internet. Website Hosting prices start from £120. 00 per year. *Choosing your domain name?* We can help you to choose a domain name that is perfect for you.

  • Email Marketing

    An important part of any website is to be able to capture email addresses for newsletters, articles and online marketing activities. Web2Works highly recommends List Mail Pro which enables you to manage and publish your newsletters directly from your server with no monthly fees.

  • E-Commerce

    *E-commerce Website Design Services* With *300 million* potential customers online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the future of commerce is most certainly online. We focus our design around the ease of use. E-Commerce websites are completely secure and reliable shopping cart payment systems.

  • Content Managemnt System

    Content Management System (CMS) which is fully editable, allowing you full control over your website content without the need for technical programming knowledge or on-going maintenance costs. You can simply login via a secure admin area to update your website 365 days a year.