We offer fast reliable all round packages that includes everything you will need to host your website on the Internet. Website Hosting prices start from £120.00 per year.

Choosing your domain name?

We can help you to choose a domain name that is perfect for you. Registering the best domain name for your business is probably one of the most important decisions you are likely to make and really increase your chances of being found in the Search Engines quickly, by the right clients.

How can I find out if a domain name is already taken?

You can get started straight away for yourself by checking if your domain name is already taken at:

Should I register a or .com?

Generally speaking, if your business is based in the UK and is unlikely to trade overseas, a TLD (Top Level Domain) is your best bet. Also, make sure that you register it with a host with data-centres in the UK or Europe. Alternatively you can read web2works blog about Domain Extensions for a more in-depth list.

What about other TLDS (like .net, .tv, .eu)

Generally and .com domains carry the most weight and from our experience are easier to get faster results in the search engine results pages. They also achieve higher trust with internet users.

Should I have a hyphen in my domain name?

For the best chance of getting higher rankings, it is advisable to avoid hyphens. However, this is always a hotly debated issue! Search Engines like Google definitely prefer domains with the words immediately next to each other. Just try different combinations, as long as you include keywords that people will relate to your industry it will often have stronger weight than hyphenated domains.

Does size matter?

Generally, YES! The shorter and simpler a domain name, the more memorable it will be and the easier to appear in search results and for users to type in to the address bar of their browser. Remember, hyphens make it more difficult for the user and increase the chances of typing errors!

Managing your Email Accounts

Along with your hosting for the year this includes 5 email accounts. At Web2Works our servers have been built specifically for production use and hadle all the security and daily off site backups. The email account can be configure using your prefered email client using either:

POP3/POP3S, IMAP/IMAPS on: Mac Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express etc.


  • Webmail that works ever better than Hotmail with no adverts.

Other website services:

  • Website Design

    We specialise in creating bespoke, visually stimulating website designs for the front-end that engage your customers and make your competitors jealous. Web2Works are a UK company based in Doncaster. We incorporate sound design principles that focus on ease of navigation, website usability guidelines, and smart, clean content layout.

  • Standard compliant website development - W3C

    Why do we need web standards? As an example, you need to buy a light bulb. Imagine if every manufacturer in the world made their light bulbs to their own desired sizes and fittings. It would be a nightmere buying the right light bulb that fits your particular lamp socket.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    The search engines are constantly changing and this year is no different, Web2Works Website and Search Engine Optimisation company situated in Doncaster. Here are some useful tips for 2011 which you should explore and work on to stay ahead of the SEO game.

  • Mobile Websites

    The statistics are staggering, one fifth of the world's population have access to a mobile device and the Internet. With that many potential users out there, an explosion of mobile applications is not only inevitable, but also necessary.

  • Hosting

    We offer fast reliable all round packages that includes everything you will need to host your website on the Internet. Website Hosting prices start from £120. 00 per year. *Choosing your domain name?* We can help you to choose a domain name that is perfect for you.

  • Email Marketing

    An important part of any website is to be able to capture email addresses for newsletters, articles and online marketing activities. Web2Works highly recommends List Mail Pro which enables you to manage and publish your newsletters directly from your server with no monthly fees.

  • E-Commerce

    *E-commerce Website Design Services* With *300 million* potential customers online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the future of commerce is most certainly online. We focus our design around the ease of use. E-Commerce websites are completely secure and reliable shopping cart payment systems.

  • Content Managemnt System

    Content Management System (CMS) which is fully editable, allowing you full control over your website content without the need for technical programming knowledge or on-going maintenance costs. You can simply login via a secure admin area to update your website 365 days a year.