WAMP Auto Index - Fix missing icons

Posted by Ben Johnson on 4 April 2012 | 7 Comments


When enabling the auto index on WAMP you will need to make a small cahnge to the apache: httpd-autoindex.conf

This can be found (apending on your version) here: c:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.17\conf\extra\httpd-autoindex.conf


Alias /icons/ "/apache/icons/"

<Directory "/apache/icons/">

Replace: "/apache/icons/" with the absolute path to your Apache Icons directory. E.g: C:/wamp/bin/apache/Apache2.2.21/icons/

Restart APACHE.


You need to make sure that you use FORWARD SLASH not BACK SLASH if you are copy/paste from windows.

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  • nice!

    Posted by etf list, 30/04/2015 11:55am (4 months ago)

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  • Thanks for the article.

    Posted by James, 30/12/2014 7:18pm (8 months ago)

  • Great simple fix! Thank you!
    Did anyone find out how to change the font?

    Posted by Sanjay Mistry, 23/10/2014 2:05am (10 months ago)

  • Excellent instructions. Simple, direct and they work. Wish more posts and help on the net were this good!

    Posted by Terry Knol, 27/06/2014 2:53am (1 year ago)

  • I have the same question as Ajay ... I don't know when/why the icons stopped working, but I followed this advice and got them back. But the font is also different than it used to be. How/where do I change that? Thanks for the post!

    Posted by Jodi, 05/10/2013 4:41am (2 years ago)

  • I got this corrected, now i want to change the font displayed! is it possible?

    Posted by Ajay, 10/04/2013 1:00pm (2 years ago)

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